tinyML Meetups in Denmark on December 4, 2023 “TinyML Data preparation, training and deployment” by Morten Opprud from Aarhus University

We held our next tinyML Meetup in Denmark! Morten Opprud from Aarhus University presented TinyML Data preparation, training and deployment on January 30, 2024.


In this series of hands-on workshops, you will get an introduction to Machine Learning on microcontrollers, and what challenges you are typically facing when designing TinyML systems.

Workshop 1 of 4 Is an introduction to available hardware and software platforms, as well as an introduction to the ESP32 platform used in this and the following 3 workshops. Introduction to python tools used and notebooks for data analysis and visualization.

Registration, and a small attendance fee must be done via IDA’s event page, so hardware & sandwich can be ordered. IDA members 100,-DKK, non-members 300,-DKK

Note, this is a physical event, you can join either in Copenhagen or Herning, select when signing up.

Morten Opprud Jakobsen is currently a Ph.d. student at Aarhus University, working in the field of Industrial Predictive Maintenance. He is also employed as an Associate Professor, teaching embedded systems engineering. He has worked on numerous industrial projects, from wearable military power systems, to chainless drive systems for bikes, often as part of cross disciplinary teams within Mechatronics, Hardware and Software. His interest in TinyML was initiated by working the vast amounts of high resolution time series data, generated by traditional condition monitoring systems, in industrial machines.


Feel free to ask your questions on this thread and keep the conversation going.

Thanks for this interesting information!

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