tinyML Talks on March 16, 2022 “TinyML SG Meet and Greet” by Vincent Kok, Soham Chatterjee, Archana Vaidheeswaran

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Vincent Kok from UBTECH Robotics, Soham Chatterjee from Sleek Singapore and Archana Vaidheeswaran from DHL Express presented TinyML SG Meet and Greet on March 16, 2022.

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TinyML SG is back with event to welcome you all! We will be looking into new and upcoming events to watch out for. Discuss all the exciting launches in TinyML, especially around Asia and SG. So join us for welcome back session and informal meet and greet!

  1. Welcome and Introduction to TinyML SG
  2. Things to look out for in TinyML
  3. SG Communities on TinyML
  4. Meet and Greet

Vincent’s areas of focus are AI + Robotics, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Cloud & Edge Computing, and Community Building. Currently, he is a Product & Sales Manager working along with an AI unicorn company based in Shenzhen (UBTECH Robotics). Vincent is actively involved with the developer community, loves empowering others to learn and share their work. He enjoys attending Maker Faire events worldwide, to learn about different innovations and network with like-minded people. Act as Community Evangelist for the Embedded Systems Professionals Discord channel, FIRST by Packt: Embedded System Professionals. Vincent has a passion for constant learning and keeping himself current with the latest technology and its applications and the impact it has on the community. His tagline is “GET INSPIRED, MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!”

Soham is a machine learning engineer at Sleek Tech, Singapore. Previously, he was a research master’s Student at NTU where he did research on combining edge computing techniques with neuromorphic hardware to build optimized microcontrollers. He is also the instructor for Udacity Nanodegree “Intel Edge AI for IoT Developers”, where he taught how to optimize models for edge computing applications. Soham’s passion for TinyML and MLOps led him to combine the two to build tools and techniques to efficiently and easily deploy TinyML models including ScaleDown where he is a core developer. Apart from this, Soham is also the instructor for Udacity’s “Machine Learning Engineer with Microsoft Azure” Nanodegree and “AWS Machine Learning” Nanodegree.

Archana works as a Data Scientist at DHL Express. She loves dabbling in TinyML i.e applying machine learning models to small devices with low power and memory requirements. She is currently running the ScaleDown project. After work, you can usually find Archana at Women Who Code, helping to build analytics dashboards for online events.


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Vincent Kok, Soham Chatterjee, Archana Vaidheeswaran

Download presentation slides:
Vincent Kok, Soham Chatterjee, Archana Vaidheeswaran

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