tinyML Talks on August 22, 2023 “Biosensing at the edge of the Cloud” by Martin Peacock from Zimmer and Peacock

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Martin Peacock from Zimmer and Peacock presented Biosensing at the edge of the Cloud on August 22, 2023.

One of the last frontiers of the Internet-of-Things and TinyML is collecting and interpreting chemical, biochemical and biological data. There are multitudes of solutions for knowing the condition of a system through the capture of temperature, humidity, position, images etc, but knowing the chemical and biological condition of a system is still the most unexplored domain.
In this talk ZP discusses biosensors for a smart bio-edge including sensors for: viruses, nitrate, purines, oxidative status, capsaicin, and purines; applications covered in this talk includes Clean Water, Food Quality and Health.

Dr Martin Peacock is an industrial bioelectrochemist with over twenty years of biosensor experience, having had industrial roles from Abbott Diabetes to GSK, and solving technical challenges from continuous glucose monitoring to RNA analysis. In recent years Martin has set-up biosensor focused companies across the globe from Silicon Valley California to Oslo Norway.


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Martin Peacock

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Martin Peacock

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Hello TinyML, electrochemical sensors are the future of the Smart BioEdge