tinyAI Virtual Forum on Generative AI and Foundation Models on the Edge

We held tinyAI Virtual Forum on Generative AI and Foundation Models on the Edge on March 27-28, 2024.

Dates: March 27-28, 2024
Time: 7-10am US Pacific Time
Format: LIVE and interactive virtual event (no pre-recorded sessions)

Foundation models and generative AI have enabled a new generation of cloud AI applications. Meanwhile, embedded machine learning and tinyML are bringing AI to the edge of the network. As hardware and algorithms become more efficient, these fields are starting to collide.
For the first time ever, this Virtual Forum brings together experts on edge AI, foundation models, and generative AI, bridging connections that will help us chart a new frontier for AI. How can we deploy foundation models to the edge? And what becomes possible when we do?

Foundation models are general purpose deep learning models, trained on huge, unlabelled datasets, that can be applied to many tasks. Generative AI models are those designed to produce realistic data: from writing and images to speech, audio, and signals. Edge AI is the deployment of AI to physical devices, where digital hardware meets the real world.

This Forum aims to review the state-of-the-art at the intersection of these fast-evolving fields. It will showcase the potentially transformative impacts that foundation models can bring to the edge—including in hardware, software, tooling, applications, and AI design methodologies.

Two broad themes will be discussed:

  1. The current status and future outlook for foundation models and generative AI on resource-constrained embedded devices, and their role within the edge-to-cloud continuum.
  2. The foundation model and generative AI tools, methodologies and techniques that can assist tinyML and edge AI developers and designers, including EDA tools, assisted labeling, and synthetic data.

A key goal for the Forum is to be generative itself, inspiring the AI community towards collaborative work!


Feel free to ask your questions on this thread and keep the conversation going!