tinyML Talks on August 15, 2023 “Mudra: Reinventing Tiny Interfaces for Ubiquitous Digital Interaction” by Leeor Langer and Oleksandr Pirotsiy from Wearable Devices

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Leeor Langer and Oleksandr Pirotskiy from Wearable Devices presented Mudra: Reinventing Tiny Interfaces for Ubiquitous Digital Interaction on August 15, 2023.

As our digital life extends across more devices – smartphones, smartwatches, mixed reality headsets, and more – the need for intuitive and adaptive interfaces has never been greater. Furthermore, spatial computing applications based on natural human gesture classification demand substantial energy, both for the imaging sensors and classifier computation. Mudra, fashioned as a flexible strap, melds biopotential sensors with an Integrated Measurement Unit (IMU). Positioned strategically on the wrist, a pivotal touch-point on our body, facilitates a novel neural interface with low power requirements. This wearable replaces traditional interaction mediums, such as a mouse or touchpad, broadening the spectrum of touch-less digital interaction.This presentation will detail some of the design aspects of Mudra. We will outline the capabilities of bio-potential sensing, examine aspects of our data acquisition techniques and explain classification methodologies employed for both embedded and mobile applications. Special attention will be given to software integration within the Apple ecosystem.

Leeor Langer serves as a seasoned data scientist and the co-founder and CTO of Wearable Devices. He has been leading the company's bio-potential sensing algorithms from a garage initiative all the way to a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) on NASDAQ. Before his venture with Wearable Devices, Mr. Langer held key roles driving algorithmic developments in numerous organizations across diverse modalities, including content ranking and X-ray applications. He earned a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and an MSc in Applied Mathematics from Tel Aviv University.

Oleksandr Pirotskiy is the Team Leader of Firmware Development at WearableDevices Ltd, specializing in the field of embedded software development. Oleksandr is currently focused on the development of gesture recognition algorithms, bringing extensive experience in the development and integration of sensor drivers. His work is distinguished by his innovative approach to low-power solutions, ensuring the efficient use of resources without compromising functionality. Oleksandr has a proven track record in implementing a substantial number of HID devices and ensuring their seamless integration across multiple operating systems. He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the Kiev National Polytechnic Institute. His unique combination of academic rigor, passion for technological innovation, and dedication to energy efficiency continues to propel him forward in the wearable devices industry.


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Leeor Langer and Oleksandr Pirotskiy

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Leeor Langer and Oleksandr Pirotskiy

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