tinyML Vision Challenge: Kick-off Webinar and Q&A on May 20, 2021

We held our tinyML Vision Challenge! Thank you for joining us to hear about the currently running tinyML Vision Challenge on Thursday, May 20 at 8 am Pacific time. An overview of the contest and judging criteria was provided along with some special announcements. But most importantly we have reserved over half the time for you to ask your questions of the judges and other experts. Don’t delay in learning more or registering to enter as the challenge ends in 94 days!

Judges include:
Evgeni Gousev
Senior Director, at Qualcomm responsible for leading HW/SYS research and development, ultra-low power edge computing platform and machine vision, tinyML foundation member and advocate.

Kwabena Agyeman
Co-founder of OpenMV, a company dedicated to making machine vision on microcontrollers easy. The OpenMV Cam makes it possible for students and hobbyists to build simple robots that can track colored objects or faces. For example, with the OpenMV Cam and a Nerf Gun engineering, major college students can build a color tracking turret for a mechatronics capstone project.

Zach Shelby
An entrepreneur, angel investor and technologist in the embedded space with a passion for TinyML, embedded and Internet engineering. Zach is a former Arm VP, founder and CEO of the Micro:bit Foundation and Sensinode, active in several of his portfolio companies, and is working to bring ML to any embedded device as co-founder and CEO of Edge Impulse.


Watch on YouTube:
Evgeni Gousev / Kwabena Agyeman / Zach Shelby

Feel free to ask your questions on this thread and keep the conversation going!

Thanks for these useful tips.

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