tinyML Talks Webcast on July 15, 2022 “Edge ML Developer Day, Kenya”

We held our Edge ML Developer Day in Kenya. Jared Makario from Networks For Learning Africa, Robert John from Versus, Clinton Oduor from Edge Impulse and Wei Xiao from Nvidia presented Edge ML Developer Day, Kenya on July 15, 2022.


Join for FREE on Saturday 16th of July 2022 to attend expert talks, project demo presentations, connect with developers, and participate in hands-on workshops to level up your skills.

This is where industry leaders, researchers, and developers from various expertise and backgrounds come to share insights, trends, and opportunities of machine learning at the edge, and also how it can be infused into products that make sense of the world we live in.


  1. 3 Keynotes from industry leaders: Jared Makario from Networks For Learning Africa, Robert John from Versus, Clinton Oduor from Edge Impulse and Wei Xiao from Nvidia.
  2. 2 hands-on workshops - Come level up your skills and learn more about some of the best embeded ML development tools and SDKs.
  3. Edge ML Project demo presentations.
  4. Idea Challenge - Winners will be awarded edge ML hardware to help them build their next edge AI projects!
  5. Panel Discussion & QnA

Jared Makario is an outgoing and passionate Electrical & Electronics Engineer interested in Data science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine learning (ML), Internet of Things (IoT), Renewable energy, Sustainable Agriculture, Data science infrastructures and embedded systems. In addition, he has gained skills and knowledge working in companies and teams operating in those fields.

Robert John is a software engineer turned Data Engineer. He is currently a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. He optimizes data ingestion, processing, storage, and retrieval. Also trains Machine Learning (ML)models and put them into production. Because training models require data analysis, he sometimes visualizes and tells data stories. He is currently training Natural Language Processing (NLP) models to predict sentiment on tweets and news articles from Nigeria.

Clinton Oduor is a Co-founder at Rhions Lab, a startup that designs state of art technology to solve Human-wildlife conflicts, illegal wildlife trafficking, and poaching using AI & IoT. Currently finalizing his bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the Dedan Kimathi University of Technology, he is also an Edge Impulse ambassador and community Co-organizer of TinyML Kenya.

Wei Xiao is working on expanding Nvidia’s AI footprint in emerging markets and emerging technologies. Wei has a breadth of expertise in Applied AI, IoT and Mobile. Prior to Nvidia, Wei was leading the AI evangelism activities at Arm, driving the success of Arm ML hardware and software penetration through technical partnerships and community engagements. Wei was a part of the tinyML Global meetup committee and Asia 2020 technical program committee. She is a passionate advocate of tinyML and will continue nurturing its growth in her domain.


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