tinyML Talks on September 14, 2022 “tinyML Smart Weather Station: Enabling a low cost, low power, reliable and accurate solution with Renesas” by Carlos Rodriguez and Brad Rex from Renesas

We held our next tinyML Challenge webcast. Carlos Rodriguez and Brad Rex from Renesas presented Enabling a low cost, low power, reliable and accurate solution with Renesas on September 14, 2022.

In this webinar we want to introduce you to our RA2E2 Arm-based MCU & our HS3001 Humidity & Temperature Sensor to help achieve the best results in the “Smart Weather Station” challenge. We’ll provide an overview to some our AI partners to help incorporate machine learning to our MCU. And finally, we’ll run through a demo showcasing our Quick Connect platform allowing users to get Renesas’ MCUs connected with sensors in a very easy and quick manner. Therefore helping put a “Smart Weather Station” prototype in a shorter amount of time.

Over 5 years of experience in different business development roles within the microcontroller industry. Targeting different markets like Industrial, Healthcare, Consumer & Payment. His education comes from the University of Texas at Dallas where he obtained a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a double masters; M.S. in Electrical Engineering & M.B.A.

Over 20 years of experience in embedded design and development, covering both hardware and software. Starting with ASIC design and verification, he moved on to directly supporting customer software development as both an Applications and Field Applications Engineer, successfully getting a wide variety of customers ranging from consumer, industrial, and automotive into production. Brad holds an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Arizona.


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Carlos Rodriguez and Brad Rex

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Carlos Rodriguez and Brad Rex

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