tinyML Talks on October 10, 2023 “Buttonless Remote Control - Reproduce on your device” by Blair Newman and Roman Rusak from Neuton.AI

Announcing our next tinyML Talks webcast! Blair Newman and Roman Rusak from Neuton.AI will present Buttonless Remote Control - Reproduce on your device on October 10, 2023 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

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Edge Devices or Always-on devices often possess limited functionality, memory, and battery life that do not meet business requirements. This forces developers to find a balance between data analysis, functionality, complexity, energy capacity, and consumption. At Neuton.AI, we have developed an innovative approach to help people create compact neural networks that can recognize complex activities with minimal memory and energy consumption. In this tutorial, you will learn how to enhance the ability of users to control consumer electronics devices with just hand gestures and how to create a similar TinyML solution of only 4Kb in total footprint by yourself.
With a universal gesture-based remote control, you can easily access and control any Bluetooth-enabled media system or presentation slides without physical contact. Neuton’s Gesture Recognition Model leveraging Silicon Labs xG24 Dev Kit for EFR32MG24 Wireless SoC can recognize eight different types of gestures with almost 99% accuracy, including swipe right, swipe left, double tap, double knock, clockwise rotation, counterclockwise rotation, idle, and an unknown class. Moreover, the Inference time for this model is less than 2.3 ms, and it has a memory footprint of only 4.2 KB in Flash and 1.4 KB RAM consumption.
This webinar will include:

  • Deep dive into the solution creation process
  • Different TinyML use cases’ overview

With strong tech expertise and 20+ years of leadership experience, Blair Newman provides unprecedented insights into the future of AI’s development and use. As Neuton’s CTO, Blair is engaged in overseeing our business solutions as well as ensuring high-quality services are delivered to our clients. Prior to Neuton, Blair held various leadership roles at T-Systems North America, a Division of Deutsche Telekom, being responsible for providing strategic direction and leadership in the areas of Dynamic Services (Cloud Computing), SAP Hosting, Application Operations, Managed Hosting and Infrastructure Services.

Roman Rusak is a Principal Embedded Software Engineer from Neuton.AI. During his 7+ years in embedded development he has delivered many innovative AIoT and Wearable products to the market, such as Sport Trackers, HVAC monitoring systems, Logistics Trackers, etc. Working as an application and algorithm engineer, he is helping customers with creation and optimization of advanced TinyML solutions for their products from different market segments. Now he is focused on algorithms for the Smart Sensor and Ultra-TinyML solutions with Neuton.AI.


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