tinyML Talks on November 25, 2021 “AI at the Edge: Enabling Vision for low-power devices” by Anna Petrovicheva

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Anna Petrovicheva from OpenCV.AI presented AI at the Edge: Enabling Vision for low-power devices on November 25, 2021.

November 25 forum

Anna will talk about how AI has been moving to the edge devices, why it matters, and how to build high-quality computer vision algorithms that would live for several years on a battery-powered device.

Anna has been in the Computer Vision industry for 11 years now: first as an engineer, then as a technical lead. Her team works on solutions for a wide range of applications: from medicine and diagnostics to sports and education. The projects she lead were highlighted at Apple Event, in CNBC, and Wall Street Journal. Anna is a member of the OpenCV Foundation.


Watch on YouTube:
Anna Petrovicheva

Download presentation slides:
Anna Petrovicheva

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