tinyML Talks on May 17, 2022 “The Future World by “Image Sensor × AI” by Yasuma Fumihito

Announcing our next tinyML Talks webcast! Yasuma Fumihito from Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation will present The Future World by “Image Sensor × AI on May 17, 2022 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

May 17 forum

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Sony has developed the Intelligent Vision Sensor, which combines the hardware engine for AI processing and streamlined AI algorithm, realizing the world‘s first image sensor equipped with AI processing functionality.
The Intelligent Vision Sensor is a revolutionary sensor that enables high-speed edge AI processing within the sensor unit, on top of the image processing.
Leveraging Sony‘s stacking technology, we have successfully equipped with an AI engine and dedicated data memory onto a circuit layer, making it possible to integrate AI-enabled function into the tiny sensor.

Technologies which distribute the processing load across the cloud and IoT and other edge devices have begun to gain attention. In contrast to cloud systems, which process data in a centralized fashion, carrying out the necessary processes on the edge reduces the volume of data sent to and processed within the cloud, thereby reducing electric power consumption and delay in data transmission. This also delivers a variety of other advantages, including positive implications for privacy, improved security by not connecting to the cloud and its many interfaces, and service continuity thanks to the capability to complete processes on the edge.

To maximize the benefits of Edge AI realized by the Intelligent vision sensor, Sony will launch a new edge AI sensing platform service called AITRIOS™.
In this presentation, we will explain the solution that we are trying to achieve with Intelligent Vision Sensor and AITRIOS™ and introduce example use cases.

Fumihito Yasuma is Senior Solution Engineering Manager at Sony Electronics Inc.


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