tinyML Talks on March 4, 2021 “Inference with Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040” by Eben Upton

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Eben Upton from Raspberry Pi Foundation has presented Inference with Raspberry Pi Pico and RP2040 on March 4, 2021.

Dr Eben Upton

Raspberry Pi recently launched Raspberry Pi Pico, built on its RP2040 silicon platform. In this presentation, we give an overview of the RP2040 architecture and feature set, describe current results and ongoing work in executing inference workloads on the platform, and speculate on future opportunities for lightweight acceleration of inference on microcontroller-class platforms.

Dr Eben Upton CBE FREng DFBCS HonFIET is a founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a former Distinguished Engineer with fabless semiconductor manufacturer Broadcom Inc, and founder and former CTO of mobile games middleware developer Ideaworks 3d Ltd. He holds a BA in Physics and Engineering, a PhD in Computer Science, and an MBA, from the University of Cambridge.


Watch on YouTube:
Eben Upton

Download presentation slide:
Eben Upton

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