tinyML Talks on March 21, 2023 “Accelerating MLOps and CI/CD for tinyML on Arm” by Eric Sondhi

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Eric Sondhi from Arm presented Accelerating MLOps and CI/CD for tinyML on Arm on March 21, 2023.

March 21 global forum

To unlock the true potential of the IoT, developers need enterprise-class MLOps and scalable CI/CD, along with access to a variety of implemented targets ideally in the cloud. During this session, we will outline how tinyML software developers can supercharge their development and deployment by using Arm Virtual Hardware (AVH); a powerful platform to run hundreds or even thousands of ML tests with every code check-in, all available in the cloud.
AVH provides completely functional, virtual, cloud-native representation of Arm Cortex-M CPUs, Arm Corstone reference subsystems, 3rd-party ecosystem boards, enabling developers to accelerate their MLOps and CI/CD testing, and deliver higher quality tinyML devices with faster time-to-market.
This talk will illustrate how the seamless integration of AVH into cloud infrastructure enables the Arm ecosystem to provide AVH as part of their services directly into developer workflows.

Eric is the Senior Manager for Arm Virtual Hardware Go-To-Market in the IoT line of Business. Eric works with Arm’s lead partners, SoC designers, and Software developers around the world to employ state-of-the-art simulation, modeling, and virtual prototype solutions for early SoC architecture and design, early software development, and system & software performance analysis.

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Eric Sondhi

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Eric Sondhi

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