tinyML Talks on March 1, 2022 “Speed up Time To Market with Apache TVM ML Compiler” by Antony Vasiliev and Alexey Spirkov

Note: tinyML Global Talks “Speed up Time To Market with Apache TVM ML Compiler” is going to be rescheduled. We are sorry for the created inconvenience.

Announcing our next tinyML Talks webcast! Antony Vasiliev and Alexey Spirkov from Grovety will present Speed up Time To Market with Apache TVM ML Compiler on March 1, 2022 at 8:00 AM Pacific Time.

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We are talking about what TVM is and how does it work.
Why does it help AI/Ml ecosystem participants win in speed and costs when entering the market? And how to save everything that has been accumulated.
We consider specific benefits for business and for SW developers.
Where is TVM heading and why is it encouraging?

Grovety team has great experience in TVM adaptation and optimization. Last several years we’ve been working on LLVM customizations and 3 years ago expanded our business to TVM for different NN chip accelerators. We are Apache TVM contributors. And that’s why we want to share our experience in TVM.

Antony is an IT-business specialist with over 20 years of experience. Last several years he is CEO at Grovety, Inc. (https://grovety.com), an RnD Service Provider for Embedded Software focused on Special-Purpose Chips - MCU / DSP / FPGA / NN accelerators. Antony’s tasks include business development and expansion of partnerships. He is the initiator and leader of a relatively new business area for the company - TVM.

Alexey has more than 20 years in the Software development area. During his career, Alexey has been responsible for R&D, software architecture. He has 20+ years of experience in teamwork management. His main specializations are NN accelerators SDK development, TVM, MLIR; instrumental SW development (includes Compiler development (TVM, LLVM, and UCC based), GNU binutils and gdb porting, specific simulators, interpreters, and translators creation). Alexey participated in in-house C/C++ compiler development. Has professional experience in embedded SW development (includes drivers for Windows and Linux kernel, BSP - board support package creation, RTOS adaptations); DSP (includes Software Defined Radio, IP cores development for FPGA, network protocols development) and RTOS development, Java Card OS for eSE. Alexey has a passion for ham radio and device development.


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