tinyML Talks on June 3, 2022 “TinyML South Africa Meetup Kickoff 2022” by Peter Ing

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Peter Ing from TFG presented TinyML South Africa Meetup Kickoff 2022 on June 3, 2022.

September 24 forum

A virtual get together for the community to meet for the first time locally. Starting with a presentation of what TinyML is all about and the types of hands on hands on and virtual workshops planned and ending with AMA open session for the community interact and engage to provide feedback and suggestions on future events, workshops.

Peter is from Cape Town and sees all technology and science as continuum but had to select one discipline and choose to complete a NDip in Electrical Engineering. He has tinkered in many different areas and has worked formally in the Retail, Transport and Automotive sectors integrating different systems and technologies together. His work interests and experience include Embedded Systems, Industrial Automation, IoT and software development and more recently Machine Learning which is what makes TinyML the ideal landing point.


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Peter Ing

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Peter Ing

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