tinyML Talks on June 17, 2022 “Delivering Machine Learning Concepts into K-12 Curriculum” by Chi-Hung Tseng

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Chi-Hung Tseng from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology presented Delivering Machine Learning Concepts into K-12 Curriculum on June 17, 2022.

June 17 forum

In this topic, the lecturer will show his personal experiences of how to teach machine learning concepts in K-12 curriculum with the Wio Terminal dev board. In a hands-on curriculum design, you will see how the student gain brand insight from the sensor data and make their project more attractive.
分享内容:讲者将分享如何将机器学习概念搭配 Wio Terminal与常见感测器带入K12教学现场。以动手做课程为主轴,学生将获得对于传统感测器资料的全新观点,完成更有趣的专题应用。

Dr. Chi-Hung Tseng (David), director of CAVEDU Education. Devoting into technology education, David and his partners are intensively active in teaching fundamental knowledge and skills. As the assistant professor of NTUST and one of the NVIDIA Jetson AI ambassadors, David had hosted many deep-learning related courses and workshops. David had also published many books for students in all ages, topics including robotics, IoT edge devices and deep learning application. Please check CAVEDU’s website for more information: http://www.cavedu.com. 讲者简介:曾吉弘博士,CAVEDU教育团队总监。曾博士多年来积极投入科技教育。身为助理教授与NVIDIA Jetson AI大使,曾博士每年都举办多场深度学习相关长短期课程与工作坊。 CAVEDU教育团队已出版/翻译多本机器人、物联网边缘装置与深度学习相关书籍,更多资讯请见CAVEDU网站:www.cavedu.com


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