tinyML Talks on December 7, 2021 “The Value of Edge AI for Industrial Applications: onsemi and SensiML IIoT Solutions” by Chris Rogers and Theo Kersjes

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Chris Rogers from SensiML Corp and Theo Kersjes from onsemi presented The Value of Edge AI for Industrial Applications: onsemi and SensiML IIoT Solutions on December 7, 2021.

In this session, onsemi and SensiML will cover the topic of edge AI models and why they can be greatly beneficial for industrial applications. Whether process monitoring and optimization, or predictive maintenance to prevent costly downtime, the ROI for Edge AI is arguably strongest within the industrial sector.

What you will learn:

  • Why sensor analytics at the extreme edge is an important advancement for connected IIoT deployments;
  • Example use cases within the industrial sector that have clear and high return on investment;
  • Details of the onsemi and SensiML edge sensing platform and how it can transform the ability of Industry 4.0 innovators to gain critical insights.

With over 25 years of experience running embedded systems, wireless communications, and algorithm development businesses, Chris has led high caliber teams at companies ranging from Intel to startups. Chris focuses on building and supporting teams capable of bringing cutting edge technologies to reality, delivering results, and customer value quickly. Prior to spinning out SensiML from Intel, Chris was general manager of Intel’s Quark/Curie machine learning software tools business and held prior positions as product line manager turning around Intel’s $750M business in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. An engineer at heart, Chris started his career in automotive test/measurement as both developer and end-user of IoT systems well before the term came into vogue, building bespoke embedded systems for Michelin Tire and then as a consultant to test vendors for GM and Ford. He holds a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business.

Theo manages a team of product definers and applications engineers for power and sensing solutions. He started his career at Philips/NXP focusing on digital video processing and moved from the Netherlands to the San Jose Bay area to work on broadband routers, VoIP and cable modem systems. In the RF group Theo gained diverse experience developing products for Hearing-aid digital-signal-processors, and Wi-Fi modules. And in the NXP applications group he managed a team working on digital-power point-of-load, Wi-Fi and ZigBee applications. Joining a start-up, he developed unique 60Ghz wireless connectivity products with top electronics companies. Theo has three patents issued and is a public speaker.


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Chris Rogers and Theo Kersjes

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Chris Rogers and Theo Kersjes

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Hi Chris and Theo .
Very informative session on applications of TinyML in the industrial sector.
I have a few questions:

  1. What is the market adoption rate for Edge AI ? Which industry leads in it ?
  2. What are teh skill set required for some one wanting to switch career into Industry 4.0 where in Edge AI plays the most important role .
    Thanks !