tinyML Talks on August 11, 2022 “Data techniques that enable tiny computer vision in the real world” by Jelmer Neeven from Plumerai

We held our next tinyML Talks webcast. Jelmer Neeven from Plumerai presented Data techniques that enable tiny computer vision in the real world on August 11, 2022.

August 11 forum

Production-worthy computer vision models need large quantities of high-quality training data, even when the models themselves are tiny. Plumerai’s fully in-house data tooling therefore leverages several powerful machine learning techniques, allowing us to build and curate datasets with millions of images. In this talk, Jelmer will demonstrate how these tools allow us to identify and address issues in our dataset that negatively affect our models, for example by inspecting images that contributed strongly to a specific false prediction during training. He will also cover the other essential parts of our model and data pipelines, which together allow us to build accurate person detection models that run on the tiniest edge devices.

Jelmer Neeven is a deep learning scientist and software engineer with a passion for building smart tools and real-world AI applications. He obtained an MSc in AI from Maastricht University and has been with Plumerai for three years. He spends his time building efficient and robust AI for microcontrollers through researching novel model architectures, data techniques and training methods.


Watch on YouTube:
Jelmer Neeven

Download presentation slides:
Jelmer Neeven

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