tinyML Talks on April 5, 2023 “IN-PERSON Meetup in Switzerland by Logitech, EPFL and CSEM” by Mahsa Shoaran, Engin Türetken, Justine Costaz

We held our next tinyML IN PERSON Meetup on April 5th, 2023.

April 5 LI new

Date: Wednesday, April 5th
Time: 8:30 am PDT / 4:30 pm CET
Location: Logitech, Daniel Borel Innovation Center, EPFL, Lausanne

Welcome back, tinyML Swiss community, to our in-person event! On April 5th, we will get together for a discussion, presentation and collaboration at Logitech, Daniel Borel Innovation Center, EPFL, Lausanne. There will be 4 exciting and informative presentations from leading AI experts. All guests are required to register beforehand. Maximum number of participants is 50. SPACE IS LIMITED SO RSVP ASAP!

16:30 : Opening
16:40 : Implantable TinyML by Mahsa Shoaran
17:00 : Low-Power Face Detection and Emotion Recognition At the Edge by Engin Türetken
17:20 : Video Segmentation by Justine Costaz
17:40 : In-ear-voice: towards ultra-low power Audio ML by Miloas Cernak
18:00 : Apero

“Implantable TinyML”
Speaker: Mahsa Shoaran, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor, EPFL
Mahsa Shoaran is currently an Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Micro Engineering and Neuro-X Institutes of EPFL. From 2018 to 2020, she was an Assistant Professor at Cornell University, and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Caltech from 2015 to 2018. Mahsa is a recipient of the 2021 ERC Starting Grant and the 2019 Google AI Faculty Research Award in Machine Learning and Data Mining. Her research interests include low-power circuit design for neural interfaces, machine learning hardware, and neuromodulation therapies for neurological disorders. Dr. Shoaran serves on the Technical Program Committee of the IEEE ISSCC and CICC. She was named a Rising Star in EECS by MIT in 2015.

“Low-Power Face Detection and Emotion Recognition At the Edge”
Speaker: Engin Türetken, Senior Vision and AI Expert
Engin Türetken received his PhD in Computer Science in 2013 from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). His research interests include computer vision, deep learning, algorithm theory and microscopic image analysis. He is currently a senior expert in the Edge AI & Vision group at CSEM, where is leading various R&D projects in the fields of human-machine-interaction, environmental understanding and event detection.

“Video Segmentation”
Speaker: Justine Costaz, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Technology Office, Logitech
After a Bachelor in Microengineering, I received my Master in Robotics from EPFL in 2021. I did my Master thesis at Logitech on the topic of Volumetric video and 3D reconstruction, a project in which I am still involved as of today. I am especially interested in the fields of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics, and just recently started to look into Embedded ML applied to Vision.

“In-ear-voice: towards ultra-low power Audio ML”
Speaker: Milos Cernak, Principal Engineer, Logitech
Milos is an audio machine learning architect, who explores prototypes, and develops innovative solutions. He enjoys the supervision of the EPFL students on audio, voice, speech, and music processing. After getting his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in 2005, he has specialized in DSP and, recently, deep learning audio. Milos is currently a principal engineer at Logitech headquarters, CTO office, in EPFL Innovation Park, Lausanne, Switzerland. His research interests include speech signal processing, machine learning for phonetics and phonology, voice quality, the neural basis of speech production and perception, and pathological speech processing. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE.


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