tinyML Builds on March 8, 2023 “tinyML Builds with Sreepada V Hegade and Hussein Osman”

We held our first tinyML Builds Series webcast! Sreepada Hegade and Hussein Osman from Lattice Semiconductor presented tinyML Builds with Sreepada V Hegade and Hussein Osman on March 8, 2023.

Have you wondered what goes into building a REAL WORLD tinyML device/product? In this series, we discuss the details of how product developers and engineers built their tinyML devices, from early development phases to commercialization. The discussion will be a deep dive into engineering and technologies that these teams have developed/utilized and lessons learned.

Sreepada V Hegade, Dir of ML software and Solution at Lattice semiconductor is enabling machine learning at edge using Lattice low power FPGAs. His team is responsible to deliver SensAI solution stack – an award winning neural network inference solution, from Lattice semiconductor. He works closely with marketing team to deliver solutions that are well tuned for many vertical market segments like Industrial Automation, Client Compute and so on. He has 20+ years of experience in delivering software and hardware required to implement leading edge applications on FPGA.

Hussein Osman is a semiconductor industry veteran, with over two decades of experience bringing to market silicon and software products. Over the past 5 years he has been leading the sensAI solution strategy and go to market at Lattice semiconductor, creating high-performance AI/ML applications.

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Sreepada Hegade and Hussein Osman

Download presentation slides:
Sreepada Hegade and Hussein Osman

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