tinyML Builds on June 21, 2023 “tinyML Builds with Pete Warden” by Venkat Rangan

We held our next tinyML Builds webcast. Pete Warden from Useful Sensors presented tinyML Builds with Pete Warden on June 21, 2023.

Have you wondered what goes into building a REAL WORLD tinyML device/product? In this series, we discuss the details of how product developers and engineers built their tinyML devices, from early development phases to commercialization. The discussion will be a deep dive into engineering and technologies that these teams have developed/utilized and lessons learned.

Pete is the CEO of Useful Sensors, a startup that builds small, low-cost, and private by design modules that provide machine learning capabilities like presence detection, gesture recognition, and voice interfaces. He was previously CTO of Jetpac, acquired by Google in 2014, a founding member of the TensorFlow open source framework, and technical lead for its on-device team until 2022. He wrote the TinyML book from O’Reilly, teaches at Stanford, as well as pursuing a PhD in Computer Science there.

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Pete Warden

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Pete Warden

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