Tensorflow/lite access denied

Hi I have been following TinyML book and its great book fro beginners like me and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. So far, I have been stuck on an error and tried looking for answers in community but haven’t found a proper solution to it. I’m at the first project in the book with test hello world. here is the following error that I’m unable to overcome any input or direction and or solutions would be much appreciated.

C:\Users\muneb\tflite-micro>make -f tensorflow\lite\micro\tools\make\Makefile clean clean_downloads
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, uname -m, …) failed.
tensorflow\lite\micro\tools\make\Makefile:43: pipe: No error
-m was unexpected at this time.
FIND: Parameter format not correct
File not found - “*.c”
Access denied - TENSORFLOW/LITE
File not found - -TYPE
File not found - D
File not found - (
File not found - -PATH
File not found - -O
File not found - -PATH
File not found - )
File not found - -PRUNE
File not found - -FALSE
File not found - -O
File not found - -NAME
The syntax of the command is incorrect.
process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, bash C:\Users\muneb\tflite-micro\tensorflow\lite\micro\tools\make\flatbuffers_download.sh tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads, …) failed.
tensorflow\lite\micro\tools\make\Makefile:487: pipe: Bad file descriptor
tensorflow\lite\micro\tools\make\Makefile:489: *** Something went wrong with the flatbuffers download: . Stop.

Please help.