SoCal Chapter Meeting August 11, 2020 - Training Neural Networks for Sensors


  1. Opening Remarks -1st Southern California (SoCal) Meetup - Dave Garrett
  2. Introduction of Local SoCal Committee

Rudy Beraha - Atlazo
Dave Garrett - Syntiant
Ashutosh Pandey - Infineon
Venkat Rangan -
Edwin Park - Qualcomm
Mallik Moturi – Syntiant

  1. Technical Talk

Talk Abstract
The presentation will give an overview of the 2019-2020 Harvey Mudd College Clinic program where a team of 5 students collected data from a 6-axis accelerometer, and trained neural networks to recognize gestures on a Syntiant NDP101 device. The talk will cover the project investigation, data collection, and neural network performance achieved for 3 unique gestures.

Speaker Biographies
Vicki Moran
Vicki recently graduated from Harvey Mudd College with a B.S. in Engineering. During her senior year, she led a group of students in a collaboration with Syntiant on a project that demonstrated the feasibility of their low power neural network chip with gesture detection applications. Vicki continued to work with the Syntiant hardware team as an intern over the summer, and will soon work full time for Citadel Securities as an FPGA engineer. While her technical interests remain quite broad, she has had the most experience in PCB design and digital systems. Her other passions include coffee, world travel, working out and social justice.

Will McDonald
William McDonald is a recent graduate of Harvey Mudd College with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He is interested in the cross section of embedded systems, signal processing, and machine learning. He is interning with Syntiant to continue the work initiated by the Harvey Mudd Clinic team. He plans to attend graduate school in the future for a master’s degree in Computer Engineering.


Watch on YouTube:
Will McDonald and Vicki Moran

Download presentation slide:
Will McDonald and Vicki Moran

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