Proposal submission link

I saw the email detailing instructions on how to submit the proposal.
However, I do not see a “Team Submit” link, even though I am logged in. (see screenshot below)


Is the proposal submission not available yet? If so, when will it be available?


Hello @colindv123, could refresh the page. Otherwise it should show properly. The screenshot is taken using a normal account (non-admin). So it should work for everyone properly. You can also email me on <AI5GChallenge[at]>

Hi. I just heard about the challenge. Is there any chance I can still submit?

Hello @PostThis, thank you for your interest in the challenge. Registration is still open. You can still register here (ITU AI Challenge) and work on your solution. Don’t get discouraged because the proposal check-point passed. There are still many other check-points to get bonus points.

Great! Thanks. Looking forward to it.

Question for clarification. Are small deflections of something rigidly mounted considered as “moving parts”?

Hi @PostThis, the recommendation here is to come up with a rugged solution that can guarantee a long lasting lifetime without requiring maintenance, the submission will be judged with this criteria in mind. I hope this clarifies.

Perfect. I have indeed designed something with that in mind.