MAX78000FTHR Beginners Channel?

Many Thanks for this forum.

I’ve been around for a long time, always interested in microprocessors. I did a lot of work with the old 6502 micro that became the heart of the massively popular Commodore-64. I have also done a lot of hobbyist development with various Arduino type devices.

I just purchased a Maxim MAX78000FTHR and would like to participate in group discussions about “Getting Started” with this device. All I have done so far is to download data sheets, the SDK, and perused many informative articles and videos. I then powered up the board and played with the default demo program which does voice recognition of spoken digits and blinks a LED the corresponding number of times. I had fun learning that the device can be ‘teased’ into generating erroneous responses from “cheek noises”.

Now I want to find and delve into the source code for this demo and participate in discussions and to ask and answer questions.

Hopefully, this is the ideal platform for these objectives. Thank you for any and all comments, suggestions, and assistance in this effort.

Blessings in abundance,
Art in Carlisle PA USA