Magic wand example not working on Arduino

Hi everyone,
when I follow the instructions in chapter 11 for patching the Arduino library, the following error occurs when compiling and uploading to the Arduino Nano:

arduino_accelerometer_handler.cpp: In function 'TfLiteStatus SetupAccelerometer(tflite::ErrorReporter*)': arduino_accelerometer_handler.cpp:50:7:
error: 'class LSM9DS1Class' has no member named 'setContinuousMode':   

I also think that the statement

writeRegister(LSM9DS1_ADDRESS, 0x23, 0x02);

should not be commented out (it is not in v1.1. library source; I tried both, but either fails);

When using driver version 1.1, which according to Github should have enabled FIFO, the code compiles and uploads without error, but the Arduino does not sense anything (no LED flashing, no output on the serial port).

Looking forward to learning what I am doing wrong!

Thanks and cheers,