Can’t make test hello world on TinyML pg84 to work

Hi first time on forum so thanks for help and patience :slightly_smiling_face:

I am on pg 84 of TinyML book and can’t seem to get make to work.

When enter command
make -f tensorflow/lite/micro/tool/make/Makefile test_hello_world_test

I get FIND: Parameter format not correct
Make *** no rule to make target ‘test_hello_world_test’. Stop.

I am using make 4.0 and Cmder as my terminal emulator.

Any help greatly appreciated!! Totally stuck at this point.

Not sure if you already solved this but the path is:


tools, not tool.

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That was a typo on my forum submission. I did use …/tools/… I used cygwmin64 to resolve the FIND issue but now I am getting.

tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/ line 16: '\r': command not found tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/ line 24: ‘\r’: command not found
: invalid optionmicro/tools/make/ line 25: set: -
set: usage: set [-abefhkmnptuvxBCHP] [-o option-name] [–] [arg …]
tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/ line 26: '\r': command not found tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/ line 28: syntax error near unexpected token `‘{\r’’
'ensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/ line 28: `patch_am_sdk() {
make: *** [tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/Makefile:288: tensorflow/lite/micro/tools/make/downloads/gemmlowp] Error 2

I ended up downloading Ubuntu and got it to work using WSL. I will push ahead using that but I hate leaving unresolved problems hanging so I am sure I will try to figure out what this issue is in parallel to using WSL.

Thank for the reply. Always appreciated.

That is a carriage-return character. On Windows line endings are \r\n but on Linux they are just \n. It looks like make or bash is getting confused on those extra \r characters?

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